Astonia 3: The Return of Yendor

The Return of Yendor is a classic isometric MMORPG which runs on a modified engine of Astonia 3. It is absolutely free to play without any restrictions. The game features a medieval fantasy world filled with magic, a large variety of NPC's/enemies, castles and treasures. Feel free to join us on Discord or check out the forum (on your left).

Some screenshots


What is Astonia 3?

Astonia 3 is a classic isometric MMORPG which was developed by Daniel Brockhaus for Intent Software The original developer stopped working on the game and made the source code public. 'Astonia: The Return of Yendor' aims to continue from where the original developer left off, while preserving the charm of this classic game.
The Return of Yendor has continued the development of the original game. So far, the expansion has added the following new features to the orignal Astonia 3:

- Companions which can travel with you and fight for you. - Tons of new spells and skills inspired by spells/abilities from classic infinity games (i.e. Obsidian's Baldur's Gate). - New areas, quests and NPCS. - New character graphics. - New equipment. - Rebalanced Warriors.