Astonia Remastered

Astonia Remastered is a free 2D isometric MMORPG which runs on a modified engine of Astonia 3. It is absolutely free to play without any restrictions. Astonia features a medieval fantasy world filled with magic, a large variety of NPC's/enemies, castles and treasures. Check out the Steam page and get started right away. Feel free to join us on Discord or check out the forum (menu). For gameplay video's and guides, check out the Youtube channel


S-Rank, God-tier, World-class items created so far:

Santa's christmas combat regalia (Neo's wish item)
Belt of the Ice Cold Killah (Shoota's Wish item)
Essence of hellfire (Mirko's wish item)
Ahayahs Blessing (Smoove's wish item)
Book of the dead (Subtle's wish item)
Demigod Soki (Reinhardt's wish)
Kiss of the Dragon (pending completion)

What is Astonia?

Astonia is a classic isometric MMORPG which was developed by Daniel Brockhaus for Intent Software The original developer stopped working on the game and made the source code public. Astonia Remastered aims to continue from where the original developer left off, while preserving the charm of this classic game.

Astonia Remastered has continued the development of the original game. So far, the expansion has added the following new features to the orignal Astonia:

Companions which can travel with you and fight for you.
Tons of new spells and skills inspired by spells/abilities from
Classic infinity games (i.e. Obsidian's Baldur's Gate).
New areas, quests and NPCS.
New character graphics.
New equipment.
Rebalanced Warriors.


The questlines featured in the expansion revolve around the mysterious Wizard of Yendor. They will take you back to the roots of classic high fantasy mmorpg's, which featured quests and missions far more challenging than the simple "kill/fetch" quests found in most modern RPG's. Do not expect 'questmarkers' pointing to where you need to go. The expansions currently being workedon add new quests, items, locations, improved graphics, new companions and lots of new NPC's! Party up with companions which will travel with you as you explore the world.


New spells/skills are introduced which aim to be similar to those found in the old infinity games such as 'Baldur's Gate' and 'Icewind dale'. The combat is more strategy oriented rather than action based. An important factor to winning battles is choosing the appropriate strategy.