Astonia 3 the Return of Yendor

This expansion features the following a new questline involving the mysterious Wizard of Yendor. Learn about the secrets of magic from Rodney himself! Various new questlines are also added which revolve around discovering the lost lands of Astonia. The aim is to create quests which are more complicated than the simple "kill/fetch" quests found in most modern RPG's. The expansion comes with new quests, locations, new (monster) graphics, new companions and lots of new NPC's.

Party up with NPC companions

The expansion features various new NPC's which you can team up with. The NPC's will follow you, fight along your side, listen to your commands, and anything they kill can be looted by you. The NPCs will brows through your locker and use any items they equip (so its possible to make them strong).

New spells/skills

New spells/skills are introduced which can only be accessed at a higher levels. These new skills/spells are similar to those you find in the old infinity games such as 'Baldur's Gate' and 'Icewind dale'. The Expansion also introduces arcane, mental, demonic and physical powers and protections to the game which can be increased by regular attributes. The new skills work based on these new powers and protections. Some of the new spells/skills are:

Mindcontrol - If successful, you are able to make an enemy NPC (or even a player!) fight for you for a short period of time.
Fear - If successful, affected enemies will flee from enemies for a short while.
Panic - Similar to fear, but affected creatures will run around mindlessly/randomly.
Flamewave - Set your enemies on fire.
Demonic goop - Use your demonic knowledge to turn ground in to demonic goop, drowning your enemies.
Null field - Create a field where spells are not effective (not done yet).
Void barrier - Create a barrier which deflects missle spells.
Summon creatures - Summon various creatures ranging from skeletons to dragons.
Knock down - Creatures can get knocked down on the ground. Knocked down creatures' probability to dodge/deflect attacks is severely reduced.
Fighting stances - Melee fighters are able to learn combat stances from shaolin monks which add bonuses and unlock various abilities (partially done).
Stone shell - Encase yourself in stone increasing your defensive capabilities at the cost of your offensive capabilities (not done yet).
Haste - increase movement speed.
Bitter frost - freeze the ground around you slowing down enemies. Affected creatures can slip, and fall down.
And many more (currently beeing balanced).